Cover Art


Design Creative Direction 

Maggie Tseng

Dominic Augustin


Illustrated cover art for Dominic Augustin's debut album 'Pieces'. 

Designed Typography for 'Pieces' music video .




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Everything begins with an idea ...


This streetwear collection is a high femme exploration that emphasizes female empowerment.


Inspired by Flo Milli's single, 'Roaring 20s', this concept deep dives into the era and explores iconic expressions of the female sexuality and how they are repurposed in the context of today.


With distinct typography and illustrations, this collection is both historic and timeless

..Then the manifestation of that idea

Since the launch of this project, 

The 'Modern Opulence' collection has overlooked the city of Los Angeles as a larger than life Fashion Billboard in Hollywood. 

“I want my merch to say to fans that you can always overcome obstacles that come your way,” she says. “And I want them to always know that you can always be uniquely you and be in comfort while working or doing anything that you love.”

-Flo Milli